• I can’t create more than one task at a time for hosts.

    What if i could stack tasks?

    For instance, create an imaging task for host ABC, then create a snapin task for host ABC… and the imaging task would run first, the snapin would run second… and so on.

    Perhaps an option for running the task before domain join or after domain join?

    perhaps a warning for hosts that are already in tasking… for example “This host already has these tasks waiting for it: <list of tasks> Do you want this task to run afterwards?”

  • @Tom-Elliott Maybe I had it backwards… now that I am thinking about it - I believe I had snapins waiting and couldn’t deploy an imaging task…

    My bad.

  • Senior Developer

    Interesting bit you state there. This already happens. Particularly the snapin taskings get created during tasking time.

    It doesn’t create separate tasking though, but snapins can be stacked. Other imaging tasks cannot be.