SOLVED connection issues/slow menu load, missing graphics, boot menu will not work.

  • Hello, I am having some odd FOG issues. When I boot to PXE, it is extremely slow when getting to the boot menu. Sometimes, the boot menu fails to load the graphics. 9 out of 10 tries to load something from the menu results in connection timing out. I have tried multiple systems and multiple cables, all have the same issue. It seems like the data is just coming across really slow, and sometimes it gets there in time and sometimes not. What could be causing this? It times out at “bzimage…”… once or twice i got it to work flawlessly.

    I am running Ubuntu x64 14.04 w/ latest FOG from trunk. I need the quick image option, and 1.2.0 fails with ipxe, and I have to workaround that with the old pxelinux.

  • I have seen brown out’s freak out switches and routers… Messes up nvram in some cases, I would have to reprogram routers even when settings look fine. And yes, full clear and setup.

    If the switch did that again I would think about ditching it. Bad switches do crazy things.

  • @cokewithvanilla Make note of it… sounds like a switch somewhere is having problems…

  • It is virtualized. I just restarted all my switches and whatnot and the problem is gone. Interesting.

  • Look very, very hard for an IP conflict… because I think that’s your problem. BUT, it might not be a conflict - however I want you to try to rule that out first and then come back.

    Also - Look closely at iperf. You can use this tool to test available bandwidth. Obviously, if you have an IP conflict, the results from this will be extremely inaccurate, so again, please check for IP conflicts first.

    Turn your fog server off, and ping the IP… Check your documentation for static IPs, etc.

    Also - Is FOG installed on bare-metal or is it virtualized?