SOLVED Windows Error Recovery Loop

  • In preparation for the upcoming school year we have been reimaging all of our lab machines. Some of the machines accept the image just fine and there are no issues. However, there are a few random ones that go to windows error recovery and there is nothing we can do to keep it out.

    Is this an error with that particular machines hardware or is it a problem with the fog server? Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you.

  • @Wayne-Workman

    Thank you for the response! They are the same models and same image all over unicast. It works on some of them. For example, we have a lab with 20 PCs it works on 18/20 of them but on two of them it goes into the Error Recovery loop. So, it is working on MOST of the 4000s but some it is not.

    We are upgrading our current inferstructure so we will look into upgrading the fog server as well. I assume it is pretty simple and straightforward? I haven’t researched it at all but will do so when I get some time today!

    Thank you for your assistance!

  • @herrpommesfrite

    Thanks for the information.

    Firstly, the last time we’ve had this model confirmed as working (and not due to negligence or anything, we rely on fog users to tell us) was with FOG version 0.29 in the year 2010.

    This tells us that it is possible to image this machine with FOG.

    The second thing is… You’re running 1.1.1 Can you move to the latest stable version, 1.2.0 ? I personally have no experience with anything older than 1.2.0 and it’s possible that this upgrade alone might solve your issues.

    Additionally, when you say “A few random ones”, are these random computers of the same model or different models? Is this during multicast or unicast? Is it the same image or different images? I suppose none of this last paragraph’s questions really matter till you move to 1.2.0 and see if the problem is resolved or not.

  • @Wayne-Workman

    We are running 1.1.1
    Deploying 32-bit Windows 7 Professional
    HP 4000 Pro Small form factor
    MBR i beleive, BIOS

    And we have an image dedicated to each machine

  • @herrpommesfrite Not sure yet…

    What version (or revision) of FOG are you using?
    What OS are you deploying?
    What’s the host’s model? Firmware version?
    Is your image MBR or GPT? Are you using BIOS or (u)EFI?

    Are you sysprepping and deploying one image to many models or do you have an image dedicated to each model of machine?