Comfortly update process of 20 images.

  • Hi, we have 10 types of laptops (win7) + 10 types of desktops (xpsp3). I look for tool (process) how can I comfortly update each image. For example: Last month we buy new AV client ( I need reinstall antivirus client on all 20 images).
    Now I must call 20 people (each with different HW - different FOG image) to deploy image - make changes on image and upload updated image again to FOG server. So I look for some tool or app to make me work easier.

  • Hello thx, this are new info for me, I will study them and give feedback, thx again.

  • We have one image generated in a Virtual environment so there is only one image to maintain. You can simply update the software at any point and upload the sysprepped image to the fog server. The catch is inserting the drivers for each type of machine. The SAD2 utility works a treat. The machine gets an image from fog that has been sysprepped and as it starts it runs a utility that detects the hardware and installs the appropriate drivers for your hardware types. My sysprep file fires up a powershell on start up and runs a whole bunch of things, in fact, it installs all the licensed software [you know what I mean? All the software that contains a network generated key that needs to be unique :)]
    see [url][/url]