• I already have a fog server set up on vm. What I would like to do is setup a portable fog server on a laptop that can image machines connected to a switch. I can not find anything on how I could do this from start to finish. Do I need an ip from my domain or do I just create an ip, network mask and gateway. I would like for it to be off network. Any help will be appreciated

  • Just for CentOS 7 or Debian 9 I would recommend 8GB, plus whatever space you need for imaging. Also, the makeFogMobile scripts have matured, they are available here: https://github.com/FOGProject/fog-community-scripts/tree/master/MakeFogMobile

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    @imagingmaster21 I have around 250MB of fog owned files. That number was rounded up a bit. But 250MB is a good budget number. But also realize that this is only for the fog system itself. It doesn’t include all of the distros libraries that FOG installs during installation.

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    So I am looking to do the same task here. I didn’t really find a clear cut answer but how much disk space is necessary for just FOG itself? I am planning on using a laptop to do imaging for long distance sites. I would only have two images on there, and on my FOG server those only take up about 35 gb of space. So what is the minimum storage requirement just for the FOG software itself?

  • You’d setup FOG on your laptop while it’s ON your network, and with internet access.
    Set a static IP for it right then, for that live network.

    Setting a valid static IP for your live network will enable you to connect it later to get updates/upgrades/patches, newer kernels and inits… all sorts of reasons to do this.

    Set FOG up to provide DHCP.

    Then, soon as you’ve got it installed, disconnect from the network immediately (because DHCP is running).

    Then, if you were to use this laptop with a stand alone switch OR a cross-over cable, it should work just fine.

    Just remember to turn off DHCP before you put it on your live network, do what you need, then take it off that network and turn DHCP back on.

    A stand-alone FOG server isn’t really anything special.