• Afternoon,

    Been using fog for a couple of months now with no issues. Today when trying to go to the web interface I got a 404. I rebooted the Ubuntu server and checked the services. All the fog services have a “?” next to them. I tried restarting one of the services and got a failed service doesnt exsist.

    Any ideas?

  • hmm…

    Maybe try re-installing MySQL ?

    Did someone change your MySQL password? What version of FOG is this?

  • Wayne,

    I re-installed Fog and it completed successfully when I open the webpage i get Database Schema Installer / Updater. When I click it i get errors from Update ID: 1 -1 to 113 - 0

    With no actually errors it just says Update/Install Failed!

    I checked the Config Class and other locations for the proper SQL info. It all matches. I rebooted SQL and the Ubuntu machine.

    I noticed that the Ubuntu server is now 14.04 LTS. My Co-Worker updated it.

  • rerun the installer. See what happens, report back here.

    Perhaps a change has been made on your network?

    Also, if you’ve not changed any settings lately, you might want to verify the FOG server’s hardware is healthy, especially the HDD. There are several bootable tools (like Hirens BootCD) that can test your hardware.