Snapin install from remote node?

  • Is it possible to get a snapin to install from a remote node. I am planning a central fog server with 20 remote nodes at different sites, This seems to work for OS images just not software. Is there away around this? I don’t to push software like office from a central server over the MPLS lines.

    Any suggestions?

    Other option is to put fog server in each site, but then I’m not sure how I would still retain one server as the master repository for OS images and software that replicates to the others?

  • awesome.

  • Developer

    this is already implemented in the SVN build.

  • Sounds like a great feature request…

    If it [I]isn’t[/I] possible now, it [I]ought[/I] to be implemented.

    I don’t use snap-ins so I don’t personally know. I’ve been meaning to play around with them, but just haven’t gotten around to it / haven’t needed to yet.