• Hello and firstly thanks for the great software.

    I have one great vision to use FOG in my Ubuntu based phone over wireless LAN with an SD-card, (yes pretty brave and ambitious idea to test on).
    But installer seems won’t to work. Services like Apache and so on be able to install and run fine on that, but FOG installation itself just won’t work, saying Permissions Denied, while I have SUDO and CHMOD almost everything now to 777.
    Is there any way to CP-copy files into right direction and just start the services manually, or any other ideas?

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    Yes so many times to the laptop idea. You would still need the FOG Server software installed to make the client give you workstation information. And the client can give you info related to the Inventory function on its own, but from my understanding even with the new client you have to have the workstation registered into FOG for the client to be able to report on anything. If you were able to leave a little desktop somewhere on site you could also just use that as a server, and talk to the server whenever you need information.

  • My problem is, we have couple of customer environments (large) without any information of productivity and devices. I think I could use GPO to install FOG agents into desktops and machines and build device inventory into my phone that way?
    Does that agent even collect information simply as that or do I have to run Inventory manually always from the server boot PXE menu? If this inventory of machines could be somehow automate simply.
    I think I just forget the phone idea and take some old laptop with me.

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    So you are just wanting to pull reports from the FOG Client and/or FOG registration? If you were to set up a little FOG server somewhere at that location, you could just log in to its admin page from your smartphone. Is it not reasonable to set up an on-location FOG server? Or are you perhaps using this to handle client’s offices?

    Maybe a thing could be figured out for at least talking to the FOG client to gather inventory data. Still… if you could at least set up a gimped old laptop or something that you could plug in via ethernet, it would be much easier to get working. And if you wanted to feel pro by controlling things via your smartphone you could use an SSH session to control the FOG server.

  • Thank you for your reply. That was something I was really afraid of, but if I only could even have the device reports from the environment, it would be super cool and would help a lot.

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    From my experience, since Ubuntu Touch is designed for smartphones, it will be compiled for ARM. And as a result their may be pieces of the OS missing that would be required, and methods of storage access will be different.

    Also FOG over WiFi, let alone with a low performance device such as a smartphone, would be highly unadvised. You may be able to get it to work, which would be impressive, but I cannot suggest anyone tries to use a setup like that in a production environment.