FOG 1.2 bandwidth stuck at zero

  • When I’m imaging a PC I expect the bandwidth on the home page to show something. However it’s resolutely stuck at zero.

    I’m running a Fedora 21 Server with the network on ens32. I’ve checked that ens32 is set in the storage menu. And I only have 1 storage node which is being hosted on the Fog server.

  • @Barry-Tabrah I don’t understand the issue.

    Bandwidth graph isn’t working? This should not be impacting functionality in any regard.

    Just a guess, does the disk space show? What about active tasks, does it refresh every 5 seconds properly?

    Can you upgrade? FOG 1.2.0 and earlier did not have any controls in place to tell the dashboard page what interface to use. However, as you stated, you pushed through to enforce the settings was for ens32, but where did you make that change?

  • I’ve come back to looking at this problem and I’ve been looking at the bandwidth.php file, as I believe this is where the data is collected.

    I’ve noticed that eth0 is explicitly referenced. I thought I may be able to resolve this by changing the value to ens32 but this didn’t work.

    I have to be close. I’ve checked the dev file it’s pulling the data from and it definitely references ens32. Does anyone else have any ideas?

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    One other thing to check is what interface is it monitoring under storage on my system I use a bonded connection but the web gui defaults to eth0 and had to be set to bond0 in my case before monitoring would occur.

  • Senior Developer

    If you can’t use svn, you can get a zip file of our current work from github

    Via web:
    [url][/url] and click Download Zip

    Via cli:

  • [quote=“Barry Tabrah, post: 43846, member: 27717”]Okay, I managed to use wget to fetch the svn and now I’m stuck on the install. It’s stuck on Copying needed repo…
    Is there a way to skip this step? Maybe a way to manually enter the details?[/quote]

    [CODE]svn co -r 3112 /opt/fog_trunk[/CODE]

    Someone else might need to help from there…

    I’d suggest updating your system before trying to install?

    [CODE]yum clean all[/CODE]
    [CODE]Yum update[/CODE]

  • Okay, I managed to use wget to fetch the svn and now I’m stuck on the install. It’s stuck on Copying needed repo…
    Is there a way to skip this step? Maybe a way to manually enter the details?

  • The version we are running is the official 1.2.0 version rather than any svn. Part of the reason is that we have rather restrictive policies here that make getting the svn a right royal pain. Also it’s a live environment which made me reluctant to go anything other than the official install.

    Do we have any idea when the next release version is likely to drop? As it’s purely a visual issue I’d rather wait for an official release than risk borking a working environment.

  • I also might add that official Fedora 21 support wasn’t added till r2920…

    You might just love that version, but I’d recommend the current dev version because it’s really, really nice.

    Tom (the senior developer) has worked tirelessly to tackle bugs in FOG… A re-install using the latest developmental version (is it r3111 ?) might just make this problem go away.

    Re-installing ins’t a big ordeal… Normally, it just uses the previous config and blows through it like nothing. You might get some DB errors when that updates but they are non-impacting. And I MUST say that the new Web GUI is down-right sexy.

    Some instructions here: [url][/url] Some more instructions are in that WiKi link I posted earlier, towards the top.

  • Ok, a few things.

    What FOG version are you running? 1.2.0 ? An SVN dev version?

    I can offer a few troubleshooting commands specifically for Fedora 21 right here:


    Also, I’m currently working on some information gathering scripts meant for general troubleshooting. It’s still a work in progress, but seeing that you’re using Fedora 21, you might find them helpful. You can find them here:

    This is just a starting point. I’m still new to FOG myself. Others may know what the problem is immediately, but I don’t so, we’ll start with that troubleshooting.

  • It images fine, both partimage and partclone but there is no visible bandwidth activity on the fog server home page.

  • So, the bandwidth sitting at 0, and it doesn’t image? Or does it image?