Slow uploading and downloading

  • I have recently upgraded from 0.32 to 1.2 and have noticed that the upload and download time is horrible. I used to be able to image computers in less than 10 mins and now it takes 45 to an hour and uploading takes between 2 and 3 hours. I have tried different kernels but no luck speeding up the process. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them.


  • Oh!

    I have recently installed a FOG server 1.2.0 with Ubuntu 13.10 and seems too low, in order to download or upload images (in a simple LAN connecting server and client with a switch 10/100 MBps). I will try to modify this value of “FOG_PIGZ_COMP”.


  • Changing the FOG_PIGZ_COMP to 3 worked!! Thanks for your advise.

  • Sorry I didn’t include more details, most of our images were created when we were running 0.32 however we have a couple of new images that we are trying to use that we are experiencing slow transfer rates with. We are running Ubuntu 11, all of our cables do work and our network admin has checked the switches to make sure they are configured correctly. I have changed the FOG_PIGZ_COMP and I am attempting to image a computer now.

    Thanks for your quick response!

  • First,

    Details details details.

    Yes you gave the version of FOG you’re currently using. However Most have seen the same, if not faster, imaging using the new partclone methods. My only guess is the images you’re using right now are still 0.32/partimage images? I don’t know.

    What OS is this, what networking equipment have you tried? Are you sure all the cables are good and that switches are proper? Are you using multicast or unicast for download tasks?

    For the Upload, have you attempting setting a lower FOG_PIGZ_COMP setting? In 1.x.x it is defaulted to 9 (the maximum compression rating) where in 0.32 it was hardcoded to 3. 0 means the least compression, 9 means the maximum compression. Find your sweet spot and all should be good.