• Can someone help shed some light here.
    This is in reference to Fog v. 0.32

    How does one make changes to the fog settings?

    I see two options and niether seem to take the changes.

    1: Config file: /var/www/fog/commons/config.php

    2: In fog web interface
    >> Other Information >> Fog Settings

    I have made changes to one, and its not reflected in the other.
    So, is one pointless? do they work together somehow?

    for instance, I wanted to change the TFTP server address… I tried in the config file… no luck… I then edited the settings with no success either.

    [B]So do I have to restart FOG everytime I make a change?[/B] Someone please make this clearer.

  • The config.php file is mostly used for settings from the initial installation, during which they are written to the database that is created and then are no longer read from the file. Some entries, such as the database and database username with password, are still read, so use caution if you feel compelled to edit this file. Modifying the FOG_TFTP_HOST in WebUI->Information->FOG Settings is the correct location, so I’m not sure why it didn’t work for you. You can always try editing the database manually, it’s stored in fog.globalsettings.