• I’m having a really weird issue. For the last few revisions I’ve tried updating FOG to I’ve been unable to update my schema database. I never get prompted to updated my schema from the web GUI so I am stuck on a previous version. When I forcibly go to the schema webpage to hit the upgrade button it says that my database is already up to date when it is not. Has anybody seen this before?

  • That worked. Thank you Tom.

  • Ensure you’re running the svn up command from the root of the downloaded folder

    If you downloaded the trunk folder to /home/username/trunk

    You need to run the svn up command from within that:

    [code]cd /home/username/trunk; svn up[/code]

    Don’t be running the up command from a sub sub folder, for example my guess is you’re currently in /home/username/trunk/bin/ and running svn up. It will not download the actual updates because it will only be updating files in the the bin folder.