Wiping Drive Before Deploying Image

  • So I’ve uploaded a pre-sysprep image and testing FOG. I got that far, so I’m excited. Now I wanna test that image by pushing it back down to the same computer. I wanna wipe the drive first. I scheduled a task to do a normal wipe. Can I reboot the computer from the GUI and have this all done remotely…or do I have to physically reboot the machine and boot to PXE in order for the task to kick off?

    Thank you in advance!!

  • Developer

    There is no direct “reboot” task. Just when there is a task when the client is installed and the firewall is configured correctly, the client will check for a task. If a task is found it should reboot.

  • Ok…but you you saying the fog client should be installed, then you are assuming the client is booted into windows. Then you could do the reboot from the GUI, correct?

  • Developer

    []IF the FOG Client is installed[B],[/B] the firewall is configured correctly(or firewall disabled)[B],[/B] and that host must be registered in FOG then the client should restart the computer but, if client is not installed then it will not reboot the machine.
    ]FOG does to Wake On LAN IF the “environment” is correct. SO the computer can be off and it should turn it on
    [*]IF you have 1st boot device set to network

    Then it “should” restart “remotely” and start the task. Yeah sorry lots of variables and we don’t know anything really about your environment.