• Hi Guys

    can someone shed some light on this on how it works ?
    i have it set to 1 under fog settings, i set it to manual in the Fog Configuration, and there use to the default accounts in there that should be protected eg Administrator, Guest etc
    but when i checked it out now its completely clean ? those accounts are no longer there
    If i check the machines and none of the profiles has been deleted


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  • Thanks bud, We have looked at Deep Freeze as well and we not really prepared pay that kinda cash, Ok i will post this in the DEV thread

  • I don’t know if the dev’s have any plans to update the management portion of the fog client tools in v.33 .

    You may want to post this as a bug / request in the dev forums. For now you could look into using 3rd party soltuion to address this… however it’s important to note that Windows 7 doesn’t allow you to simply “delete” the profile account like in windows xp. In XP if you deleted the profile it would simply create a new account with the same name and not be the wiser.

    In windows 7 it is apparently linked to the registry, and when you log in as a user that had their account deleted it makes a temp account instead (temp1 / temp2 / etc.) We have checkout laptops here at our school that were on XP and we simply delprof’ed them or wiped the profile out with a .vbs script . But for Windows 7 we haven’t found a good work around solution yet.

    We instead have been looking into either wiping the equipment every month (fully automated) or going with something like deep freeze on the heavily used public computers (but who wants to shell $$$ out each year for software licenses if it can be avoided). For now we are just exploring solutions to your question as well.

    So to sum it up, I don’t have a simple answer >_<


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  • Hey

    Yes im using windows 7, and spot on thats exactly what i want to use it for, Windows 7 goes to a grinding Halt when there are too many profiles on the machines , so i was hoping to get this working, Any chance on getting this sorted on 0.33 if it isnt working now ?

  • This tool was written for Windows XP, I’m not sure if it works with Windows 7. Are you using XP or 7?

    The ability to delete the user profile account is VERY helpful in a lab setting where you don’t want user data to be retained, and to keep the boot and load time low for the equipment. The more user accounts on the machine (especially in xp) increases the load time.

    This took works similar to delprof from Microsoft - [url]http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=5405[/url]

  • this is suppose to be User Cleanup not directory Cleaner!

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