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  • @Jbob said:

    @ITSolutions @Wayne-Workman

    For GPO software deployment:
    For the client’s MSI command line arguments:

    Would this be valid for installing and specifying an IP ??

    msiexec /i FOGService.msi /quiet WEBADDRESS="" WEBROOT=""

  • @Jbob said:

    Can you upload those logs to a new thread? I have no idea what would care about time in the client.

    I’m not ignoring this request, it’s just that now my work has something like 6 stand-alone fog servers and I’ve become the “fog guy” that’s magically supposed to know everything (Now that is funny).

    It’s not always easy to get examples or logs. One of the techs sent me some of the logs through google chat and we were using “off the record” mode. The fog client on that host has since overwritten the log, I believe. We don’t even know what host the log came from, he picked a random host.

    But to update this issue, We’ve corrected the server time, the fog console time zone, we’ve disabled AES encryption, we’ve rebuilt the CA and regenerated the SSL certs, and then reset the encryption on every host at the site. We’ll see how it goes… should know something by tomorrow because it does take some time, it’s not just a handful of office machines, that site has something like 350 clients in the building.

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  • @ITSolutions said:

    I may have missed this in the thread somewhere but how would I install this with a group policy so that it sets the server ip correctly?

    I’d like to know how, also. :-)

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    I may have missed this in the thread somewhere but how would I install this with a group policy so that it sets the server ip correctly?

    Also I was curious if the new client will auto register a client if it is not in fog yet? I know it was removed way back in the .2x days and was hoping that may be re added with the rewrite.

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    Can you upload those logs to a new thread? I have no idea what would care about time in the client.

  • Had an encryption / CA issue at one site that was using the new client.

    There were errors about the time being incorrect in the log. We set the time on the server correctly, and then set it in the fog console correctly, then reset encryption. this was on Friday. Walked in today and they are all fixed.

    Which brings up an important question… what’s going to happen when daylight savings comes?

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    Just an update for you guys. The Linux client is coming along extremely well.


    The screenshot above shows a shutdown gui made by the service itself. We have the init.d scripts to control the service, user services are automatically spawned, and a large portions of the modules are already ported over (including hostname changer).

    I am currently working on auto updating.

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    Thank you for the response @jbob and @need2. That makes sense, I wasn’t really thinking about that. I just have a script that presented software install options for a user to choose. Not all users need all the software but all users have the option to have it if needed. I have trained my users well on not installing software that is unneeded, so this works well for me. I will have to figure out a different option as to how I can give users this menu, without a shortcut on the desktop.

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    Allowing a user to potentially get a hold of a SYSTEM level window would be bad. I have used SYSTEM window exploits in the past to gain unrestricted access to systems even before logging in to any user. Believe me, you don’t want that.

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    @ITSolutions snapins run at the SYSTEM level. On post-windows xp this means that they are incapable of interacting with a user in any manner. So to answer your question, no it is not possible given modern Windows security.

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    Not sure if this is the best place to ask this, but is it possible to create a snapin that opens a window in the current users context? When I try to run a snapin it runs in the background and no window is displayed to the logged in user.

    I know with the legacy client it would give a dialog box that said there was a system message and clicking view showed the program. I would rather not have the dialog, but just be able to open a program that the user can interact with.

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    v0.9.4 released.


    • Allow managed printers to be removed if none are assigned to a host
    • Preserve log location during update

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    v0.9.3 released, this patches hostnamechanger if you are not using AD.

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    Can you post this issue in a new thread with the entire log?

  • I updated my fog install from an earlier version of trunk yesterday and installed the new client (v0.9.2) into my image but the hostname and windows key are not getting set. the following error shows up in the log. Any ideas?

    7/13/2015 1:28 PM Middleware::Communication Response: Success
    7/13/2015 1:28 PM Service ERROR: Index and length must refer to a location within the string.
    Parameter name: length


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    v0.9.2 has been released. These are the bug fixes / new features

    • Correct auto updater delays
    • Speed up shutdowns when no one is logged in
    • Double check if a task exists before finalizing shutdown
    • Add support for new “Managed Printers” mode
    • Correct default printer setting
    • Patch User Core all around
    • Ability to change web root during install
    • Ability to change log location during install

    For anyone experience the bug where freshly deployed images with an older version of the client take an insanely log time to reboot, this has been fixed. However, you may need to update your images to include v0.9.2.

    On a side note, Linux / mac builds are going well. We have the handshake running on them perfectly, and finally got hostname chanager on Linux working as well (the problem is the different files that need to be changed depending on what distro).

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    @Matthieu-Jacquart , can you post this in a new thread? Thanks

  • @Tom-Elliott Thanks for explanation, but same problem with 3725, no file called “ca.cert.der” in “/fog/management/other” and error when installing client

    I already test “./ -C -K” yesteday, so even with argument reversed i had to worked…

    edit : just for testing, I created a file called “ca.cert.der” (just with “touch” command) in /fog/management/other/, and after re-installed last svn with “./ -C” command, file was no more present in “other” folder…

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    @Matthieu-Jacquart Sorry I screwed up on the setup of that argument. I had the -C and -K reversed in where they should’ve gone. -C was handling regenerating of keys while -K was handling regeneration of CA’s. I’ve correct this in the installer in SVN 3725.

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