Windows 8 Thread discussion

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    With Windows 8 Consumer Preview released I thought we should have a thread to discuss windows 8 for any problems etc we might find during the beta process. That said I can’t seem to find any! On monday I installed win 8 on a test machine and then sysprepped and uploaded to fog like you would with Win 7. I couldn’t set any unattended settings and I couldn’t find a .clg file from the iso, does anyone know if there should be, or is win 8 using something different all together?

    But yeah, it sysprepped and uploaded fine, then I redeployed to the same machine no problems, and I even deployed to a very old P4 IMB thinkstation desktop PC, it ran really well!

    I think it will still be a while till we take win 8 up but you never know, lots of people still held off on win 7 because win xp worked so well, maybe they will skip 7 to move to 8?

    Has anyone else been trying win 8?

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    I’m excited about Windows 8. At this time, if it works, it works; if not, we’ll probably have to wait until retail before we can troubleshoot.

  • i have yet used win 7 and its awesome
    i have no idea about win 8