Can not create snap-in cause ftp error

  • Hi,
    we have noticed that now in the create snap-in template there is a “storage group” textbox. What is that intended for? I don’t understand why it is necessary to create them on another storage group. The only cause I can imagine is that if you deploy an image which is other store group and snap-ins now,the last need to be on that storage group. Is that the case now?

    Anyway, talking about our problem, when we try to create a snap-in in the default storage group we get this message:

    FOGFTP: Failed to put file.
    Remote Path: /opt/fog/snapins/mofifica.ldif, Local Path: /tmp/phpTSPk61, Error: ftp_put(): Could not create file.

    Trying it on an other storage group we get:

    Failed to add snapin, no file was uploaded or selected for use

    I’ve reviewed password and owner and permissions on /opt/fog/snapins/ , in they seems ok.

    What can it be?


  • before the feature snapins should work, though editing the snapins may not.

  • HI, thanks for your answer.
    Yes, we use 3 storage groups and the default. Storage group in sanp-in is a new feature. What happens with existing snap-ins before this feature?
    And, any idea about my error?



  • Developer

    many people keep different storage groups for different site locations. sometimes these are even located in different cities. having snapins associated with groups allows you to pull your files from the local storage group when applying snapins.

    are you using more then one storage group or node?