• Good Morning All,

    We will be getting some new Windows 8 machines in next week and would like to create an image off of one of them and deploy it to others, my question is we are using 0.32 and Windows 8 is not an option for OS ID, how significant is this option or is it just for the inventory reporting?

    If we need to image Windows 8 with a newer version, what is the appropriate version to handle the task. Also, what are the steps to upgrade the existing FOG server so that I will not lose any of the data?

    We are running Ubuntu 12.04.


  • probably not (1.1) maybe, but that miner is not active by default.

  • i’m looking to upgrade, but is the 1.2.0 version the first one with the dark coin miner?

  • Unless you use the DD method, there is no way FOG 0.32 can capture your Windows 8 which almost certainly use GPT, which was, I’m pretty sure, not supported at that time. You’d be better off upgrading to 1.2. The upgrade process should not lose any data, although there are a few funky things to watch out for (like, the OS ID that went from the host to the image).

    As for how to do it, you just download 1.2, and run the installer. It will upgrade on its own (and yeah, backup before you do it ;))

  • 0.32 can do windows 8, by simply specifying windows 7. However, the other caveats to this would be to make the image so it’s a pure mbr setup.

  • Good Morning, VincentJ, how do you image a Win 8 machine? The OS is not in the list so I tried other and it error’d out so I tried Win 7 and it error’d out as well, what do you have yours set on?

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    I would suggest a newer version, but my release senses are tingling, and I think a new Stable Release is not far off.

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    I have 0.32 imaging windows 8.

    It’s worked just fine for me. just make sure you test, test and then test again 🙂