Fancy features proposal, as of 1.2.0

  • Hi,

    I will probably find a few too complicated, or impossible, but I’ll try to list here random thoughts about what could be added to Fog 1.2.0. Feel free to join, and beware, this might evolve 😉

    • customized deployment of multiple partitions (i.e. “minimum size / partition” + xx%, max), partition aware
    • uploading/updating only one partition in a multiple partition image
    • choosing a partition to upload as a single one (might already be there)
    • UEFI boot (unsecure, obviously, but that’d be a start)
    • MAC Netboot, instructions are on wiki, but now that we can do hfs+, we might as well have the fog kernel run on macs… not so sure, I use a ubuntu live CD for now.

  • I love the direction fog is going 🙂

  • I don’t know how easy it will be to make “min size/partition + %” methods.

    Customizing which partition in a multipart image to upload/update isn’t coded in, but I imagine it could be done fairly simply and we have a guy currently working on plugins and the like that I believe uses a feature similar to this, so maybe I make a request about getting something together, though I can’t tell you when said thing would occur.

    Choosing a partition to upload as a single one is already there, in SVN I believe. You just choose which partition out the “imgPartitionType” setting on the image.

    UEFI boot. It’s there but there’s not enough testing to know how good it is yet. Much of our wait to say yes/no it’s not ready from a “stable” point of view, though you’re more than welcome to trying it out. You simply would change the “undionly.kpxe” option to one of the .efi file names in the /tftpboot folder.

    MAC Netboot is already there and functional. It’s function through ipxe.efi and the installed FOG Kernel.