• Cool product. Not exactly what i am looking for though. Basically, I would like to have someone network boot; see several imaging options (Windows 7, 2008, 2012, etc). Select one of those options and the imagining process begin.

    I have standardized hardware across the board; the same few images will be pushed to the same machines several times a month. Very simplistic needs really.

    Could any kind soul point me in the right direction to obtain either
    a) Ready made product that matches the above
    b) Examples of other similar FOG PXE boot solutions
    c) Learning resources to do this with Fog

    Any help is appreciated as always.


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    if you wont give information, it’s harder to help you.

    different solutions for different environments, but unless you know the why… things don’t always make sense.

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    You want the end users to be doing the imaging or your tech staff? I find it is quite easy to go into the menu on the pc after it has pxe booted and select quickimage.

    it is also easy to do it from the web GUI and have the end user reboot it or turn it on. (most are capable of that action)

  • Theres quite a few posts on the forums about doing what you’re requesting, and it’s only due to get better in the future and even in the current revision of FOG.

    I doubt you’re going to find your request a) directly and ready to go.

    For your request in b) see the following link:
    Or maybe look into using the capone plugin?

    C) Just search the forums.