2MB Transfer over GBE | Fog 1.2.0

  • I just setup a Fog server on CentOS 6.5 running from ESX with a dedicated NIC. When I plug directly or to a switch the max I get is 4MB with the average being 2MB. Im doing a direct ISO load from HTTP (/var/www/html/iso/xxx.iso) and if I download it goes at least 32MBps.

    What could I be missing?

  • Can you attempt putting it into Bridged mode.

    Host-only, as I understand it, makes the device as if it’s going through the host machine. This sound’s like it’d be a good thing, except the VM still has to process the information as if it is its own device. So, when you choose Host-Only, the device suddenly becomes processed by two CPU’s.

    It’s just a theory and one that I think deserves a good ol’ college try!

    Change out of host-only to Bridged NIC and maybe things will work better?

  • [quote=“Tom Elliott, post: 37978, member: 7271”]Is it bridged or host-only?[/quote]

    It is host only.

  • Is it bridged or host-only?

  • I have it running out off of the onboard NIC (Intel Controller) and it’s still 2MB. Is there anything I could paste to provide better information? I’m really stuck to why this is happening.

  • One of the reasons to go http over tftp is the speed.

    TFTP has this problem of limiting down to 10MB per second transfer, where HTTP can achieve, potentially, full throughput on the NIC.

    Yes, 2 NICs could potentially cause issues though I don’t know how or what the issue is.

  • Out of curiosity, could 2 NIC’s have anything to do with it?

  • Well, I’m trying to see what could be the issue. It shouldn’t be 2MB slow. Even on at 10/100 connection. I’m trying to see if another retrieval method would be faster.

  • Developer

    when loading an ISO into ram, the transfer method to get it there is irrelevant, as long as it gets there

  • So IO shouldn’t be a problem. The client in question has an i3 with 8GB of RAM. Do you have to do custom iso’s over HTTP or can you pull them from TFTP?

  • it tries to store the iso into ram on the client.

  • How does the http .iso download work? Does it download then mount it or is it try to unpack the .iso on the server?

  • I figured it was something that I may have put in wrong. However, I’m downloading the iso over httpd. It’s a steady 2MB. However, the speeds are much faster if I browse Ip/iso/image.iso and download that. Is there an alternative way I could write my file to do tftp or something else?


  • If it was a “fog configuration” issue,

    Then nearly everybody using fog would be experiencing the exact same problem.

  • I just changed it over to an HP with 2 NIC’s to test and I’m still getting 2MB transfers. So it’s a fog configuration.

    Here is my Advanced Boot Menu:

    [CODE]set boot-url http://${fog-ip}/${fog-webroot}
    item --gap – Imaging and Diagnostics
    item QDX QDX Diagnostic
    item HIR Hirens 15.2 DvD
    item Untangle Untangle 11
    item hostinfo Host Information (Your Machine Info)
    choose target && goto ${target}

    initrd http://${fog-ip}/iso/qdx.iso
    chain memdisk iso raw ||
    echo failed to boot
    goto MENU

    initrd http://${fog-ip}/iso/hirens15.iso
    chain memdisk iso raw ||
    echo failed to boot
    goto MENU

    initrd http://${fog-ip}/iso/untangle.iso
    chain memdisk iso raw ||
    echo failed to boot
    goto MENU

    echo This computer : ||
    echo MAC address…${net0/mac} ||
    echo IP address…${ip} ||
    echo Netmask…${netmask} ||
    echo Serial…${serial} ||
    echo Asset number…${asset} ||
    echo Manufacturer…${manufacturer} ||
    echo Product…${product} ||
    echo BIOS platform…${platform} ||
    echo ||
    echo press any key to return to Menu ||
    goto MENU[/CODE]