PXE Bootup Not Working on Routable Network

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    I have successfully used v 0.32 in a deployment setting (Windows DHCP/HyperV/etc.) without major issues. I have just setup v 1.2.0 on an Ubuntu Server v 14.04.1 x86 install (VirtualBox) but I can not PXE boot a client when connecting via a managed network switch. If I use a crossover cable, no problem at all, I am able to load the FOG boot menu and proceed with pending tasks, etc. Mind you, simple setup in an isolated network, letting FOG handle DHCP, etc.

    Also experienced the same problem when running on an enterprise network in VMWare. Granted, this secondary setup involved Windows DHCP and VLANs across Cisco switches, I expected the installation process not to roll out quite as nicely. Still, though, I can not figure out why I am successful over a crossover cable but not so when using an intermediary switch.


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    This could be because of the settings in the managed switch, if it is a cisco switch have you followed the recommended guide to verify the correct settings are enabled?


    PLEASE NOTE: I am not a cisco engineer, and I never claimed to be. These settings will work with FOG, if you are familiar with Cisco, please try enabling and disabling settings and documenting the process to share with the rest of us if you find a perfect set up 🙂

    This is just a basic installation that will get fog running.

    I have had the BEST luck using unmanaged equipment though.