• Does changing the setting value of FOG_UPLOADRESIZEPCT inside the FOG Web interface, increase the upload & deploy times. If this setting is changed from “5” to say “15”, soes this make a significant difference?

  • In the Fog UI select other information, then kernel updates. You can try both older and newer kernels.

  • OK, thanks for your info and time. Any thoughts you can share on how to change or install different kernel?

  • It really doesn’t matter. Neither option would effect speed nor the amount of data being transferred. It only effects what size hard drive it can be restored to. I find the best way to test speed issues is to use an isolated network. Use a simple 5 port switch or whatever u have, perferably gigabit, then do a unicast and see what kind of speed u get. If its still slow then start trying different kernels. Also some machines just simply don’t work as well as others. Try a different model and see how your speeds are.

  • Ok, thanks. I have a Windows 7 image that took an hour to upload, and then took 5 hours to deploy. The Windows 7 image had the 100MiB partition & 232 GiB on data partition. I used “Single disk - Multi partition”. Should I have use “Single Partition- NTFS resizable” instead?

  • No. It has nothing to do with it. It is the padding b/w the amount of data used on the partition and the new size of the partition after a resize. Example, if you have a partition with 10 gigs of Data and the resize is set to 10, your image would be 11 gigs. You should keep this as small as possible that will still function.