• Hello all!

    I have a small question about the functional software system.

    Can the Fog, do check the hard drive from which you made ​​the image, I mean check for bad blocks, in real time?

    If this instrument is not whether it can be implemented in the next build software, I think it will be interesting to all.

    Thanks all.

  • Thanks for the replies.

  • The imaging tools already check for bad blocks and such. If there is a bad block found, it will fail the image so as not to copy a corrupt image as your primary image.

    That aside, there’s also ntfsfix for windows and ext2fs for checking linux partitions and volumes.

    So I don’t know what you’re requesting.

  • Most people would use an outside utility like Dell Diagnostics to perform a disk check before imaging a machine.

    Which would avoid the fog-project from getting bogged down with software that not everyone might use.