Saving Images to Removable Drives

  • Hello,
    I have FOG Server, 1.2.0, running on a machine with a removable hard drive dock.

    I would like to use drives in caddies for image storage.

    Does anyone have experience doing this? I would think the “location” would be the same for each drive as the dock is static. I assume that I must prepare each drive in a fashion similar to the instructions in “Adding Storage to a FOG Server”.

    Is this correct? Are there any caveats?


  • I tried unmounting the drive and I get an error that the device is busy…

  • Hi Tom,

    Yes, when a drive is full I would like to remove it and replace it with another. When that is full I would repeat
    the process.

    Edit: I want to be able to arbitrarily use any one of the drives should I need to restore an image.

    What I don’t understand is what steps I need to take. I thought I needed to partition, format, create a mount point, mount and create the .mntcheck file, etc. That is why I referred to the “Adding Storage to a FOG Server” from the Wiki.

    I am very new to Linux and until I gain further understanding I do need some help.


  • I don’t know that I fully understand?

    You’re trying to place an image, or set of images, on an hdd that you can then remove?

    I’d imagine you would simply need to replace the drive (after unmounting it from the fog server) and remount the new drive in the same location on the FOG Server (e.g. /images).

    After it’s mounted, perform your actions. There shouldn’t be any need to “Adding Storage” unless you’re trying to put the caddy on a separate mountable folder and use that folder to store the images.