• Hello,

    At the moment iam stuck building a IPXE server, let me explain what i try to make.

    We use 2 HP dl360g5 both have 2x 4core (so 8 cores each HP) and 10GB of ram.
    we use those for Virtualization with Xenserver

    We store our vm’s through NFS on a Dell Poweredge 2950 with 1.5tb raid5. also it holds iso’s for installing our virutal machine’s

    I installed ubuntu 14.04 with fog in a VM, and it works pretty well.

    now the fun part. i work at a company that wanna get a PXE server running for installing all kinds of windows on laptops, i tried following the guide WINPE on the IPXE website but i dont get it working.

    The dell poweredge store’s all kinds of windows, Iso’s and unpacked versions (wim)

    Where to start to get this project running

    So laptops boots from DHCP and boot to FOG. in the advanced menu i can choose all kinds of windows installation versions, those installations stored on the Dell Poweredge 2950.

    What kind of protocol (nfs? or ISCSI? or CIFS/Samba) do i need and how to set this up?

    i got stuck and my minds is blowing up tried this for over 3 weeks haha

    Hope u wont get borred of my poor english typing 🙂

    Kind regards,


  • because the image part, iam working on. and iam not so good at making an universal image of evry singel windows version 🙂 thats why

  • Moderator

    if your not imaging why use fog?

    there are other solutions around that do unattended installs using installation media.

  • No not image them, i wanna install them. i have all iso’s of windows, and i already unpacked them just in case

  • Moderator

    you want to image them or use the native windows unattended install?

  • Sorry for the mess 😄