FOG Snapin sfx not running command

  • When I deploy a snapin with a sfx.exe it sends the file and extracts the archive to the appropriate folder, but then it doesn’t run the command.

    I’m trying to deploy the snapins on domain computers with only non admin accounts. I use a program called runasspc to run the installers as admin while normal users are logged on. When I test the sfx on a domain account it works flawlessly. But not when it’s deployed from fog.

    Let me break it down.

    For my snapins I use the sfx method

    I put the following into a 7zip archive.
    crypt.spc, (encrypted file with admin username/password that points to the script),
    and the install script (calls the net use to connect to the samba, the installer from the samba server, unmounts the net use, and then deletes itself and its directory)

    I then make a sfx.exe with sfx maker as is described [URL=‘’]here[/URL]

    In the Sfx I have a task that runs the script through the runasspc.exe and it’s encrypted credentials.

    Hopefully that’s not too hard to follow and someone can help me see what I’m doing wrong. I’ve looked at many other forum posts but didn’t find anything that helped.


  • Hello,

    I had the same pb with my sfx file. To solve this i created a .bat file that run the installer (or any other file) which will be run after extract. with this method it works. But perhaps you have already found a solution to your issue 😉
    the SFX maker i use is the one created by David Cornish (SFX Maker by never worked for me)

  • It’s Windows 8.1, not sure what ISD is. Is there a way to get around that so that it starts right away?

  • So when you run the sfx.exe file generated all runs properly? Just not when fog tries to run it, right? Is this windows 7? I’m going to guess what’s happening is ISD is keeping the program from running. So it’s actually waiting to do work in the background, maybe via a next request?