Loop Restart with this ERROR

  • [IMG]http://heresjaken.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/error-message1.jpg[/IMG]

    I install windows7x64 on virtual machine… no any applications installed, just the OS. sysprep, upload the image… deploy… then I got the error on the picture

    Fog 1.2.0 on Ubuntu 12.04LTS desktop in VirtualBOX
    server2008 as DNS and DHCP in VirtualBox
    Windows7 in VirtualBox as sourceImage

    deploying the win7imagesource on actual machine on the same network

    what’s wrong with my set up? why I got this error? How to solve this?

    I’m able to upload and download image/host with out a problem… but when I boot the clonedPC, I got the error shown in the picture



  • Developer

    Okay in that case, I would build the image on a virtual and a physical machine. You need to enter audit mode and then sysprep your image and upload.

    I recommend using a physical and virtual environment, as my machines I had to build the image on the physical machine (it has something to do with the hardware in the computer.) After doing so and uploading the image, I was able to image my problematic machines without errors.

  • hello sir… Thanks for the reply…

    I dont use unattend.xml… and for now, I dont want to use or try it… its ok for me to manually configure my pcnames and users…

    I will try making another image…

    Thank sir

  • Developer

    Do you use Unattend.xml to answer your installation questions?

    I have had this error before but normally it was related to the hardware on the machin e(not sure why) but making a new unattend.xml file solved this issue for a particular model.

    Is there a possibility that your image you created became corrupt? Have you tried upload the image again after resetting your VirtualBox image to a previous save state? Try running the chkdsk utility a few times and upload again, if the same issue occurs, try a different (or no unattend.xml) to troubleshoot unattend issues.