• Is there a chance to have a fog linux client, or some feature that can change hostname after deploy?
    I’m using salt stack tool to manage my linux computers, and works great, but some users could use this feature more efficiently to clone linux systems without dealing with other management tool.
    I’m not a developer, and i have no idea how difficult could be this.
    Salt Stack uses zeromq to talk with their clients, how fog talk with Windows Clients? Maybe i can help with Linux skills or at least testing some code.

  • Rebuilding web side of services to be a cross-plataform is a great idea.
    About the time-frame, this should not be a problem.
    ““this will be done when it is done”” 🙂

  • Developer

    the fog windows service is being rebuilt, and the web side of the equation is being updated along with it with cross-platform availability in mind. however, i can’t give any kind of time-frame as to when such features will come to fruition, as all of the involved developers are quite busy with the start of the school year

  • Thank you ArchFan.
    i’m using Salt Stack for this. [url]http://www.saltstack.com/[/url]
    I thought about to put some features of this tool in fog to manage machines. But is just an idea.
    Like i said, I will try to understand http requests and adapt my scripts to use it.
    Thanks for your attention.

  • Thiago, have you looked into Puppet? The options are endless. [url]http://puppetlabs.com/[/url]

  • First, thank you for your reply…
    Today i set empty hostname file, and computers get hostname from dhcp/dns. I’m thinking in more than hostname, something like install packages (apt-get/rpm), manage printers, users, log users…like windows client.
    But this is just an idea, and i did this post without knowledge of what i wrote.
    I will try to understand http requests and adapt my scripts to use it.
    Thank you again.

  • FOG’s windows client uses HTTP requests to contact the fog server to push/pull information.

    What are you looking for in a Linux client? ability to change the host name? anything else? If that is all you need, a simple script could do this on first boot, and then delete itself.