Download Task suddenly not working

  • When I first set this FOG server up I was having this issue where it will say “Download task failed to create for %Hostname% with image %imagename%. To setup download task, you must first upload an image”

    After going through all the forum threads with this issue I was able to solve it by setting the password in Storage Management to my computer’s login password.

    I have since created and deployed several images without issue, until today. I am getting the same error again when trying to download an image. I double checked my username and password in Storage management and verified the location of the images is correct. (I had followed the directions to change the image directory)

    There has been no change to the machine, except that it was unexpectedly unplugged today.

    I am now at a loss.

  • The fog user password is correct? What I mean, is while the Storage Management Page is showing the same settings, is it possible somebody changed the user password on the FOG Server itself? Or even yet, that the password never held or became corrupted on the server?

    You can reset the fog user password on the fog server with:
    [code]sudo passwd fog[/code]

    Retype the password for the fog user twice and all should start working.