Aditionnal storage node problem

  • Hi,

    I have created a new storage node on a Windows server 2008 R2 following this tutorial:

    Everything seem to be working fine when I upload an image, but when I try to download the image to a client, I get this error message from the client: [B]Unable to locate image store[/B].

    In the fog management console, it shows that the image’s size is 0.00 GB (see screenshot)

    When I look in the Windows server image folder, there is actually an image file.

    I get this message from Filezilla:

    (000013)2014-08-19 11:32:21 - fog (> CWD /images/LEMIG304W7Vanille
    (000013)2014-08-19 11:32:21 - fog (> 550 CWD failed. “/images/LEMIG304W7Vanille”: directory not found.
    (000013)2014-08-19 11:32:21 - fog (> disconnected.

    Maybe someone had this problem before ? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks !


  • Hi, I haven’t solved it yet. Since I don’t have a lot of time to spend on that issue, I might use an external drive plugged in the ubuntu server to store image files.
    I’ll post a message if I manage to solve the problem 🙂

  • I am having a similar problem. Were you able to resolve this?