PC's not imaging correctly after upgrade to 1.2

  • I have recently upgraded from .32 to 1.2.0 and now pc’s aren’t imaging correctly. I’m not sure what is going on or if im doing something wrong, but i did the same thing as with .32. I got my master image loaded with everything i need, run fog prep, shut down, tell fog to upload the image, turn the pc on- it uploads.

    I setup the image as windows 7, single partition resizable. after it uploads i try to deploy to an identical machine and it loads the windows logo and then reboots, a repair doesn’t find anything or sometimes it finds a windows partition table and tries to repair/delete and it doesn’t help.

    I tried changing the image to multiple partition, single disk, not resizable, re uploading the image and deploying, and it still just reboots at the windows logo…

    I’m stumped. any ideas?

    also this is on ubuntu 12.04 server

  • resolved: bios hdd settings were set for raid, not ide.