How to Image you Fog Server?

  • How would you go about making a backup of your fog server, so that if something happened, you had a way to restore to non-similar hardware.

    Including the following items
    []Boot Menu
    [*]OS and OS updates (Ubuntu)
    Where would you backup and how would you restore it?

  • Well my thought to this has a few folds.

    Firstly - If we don’t have a fog server that is functional I can deploy to new hardware from another machine.

    Secondly - This backup fog server could be used to create regular “Server backups” so that I have a fail-safe to our existing DRP.

    Third - It gives us a piece of mind that if we screw up our production environment that all we’d have to do is reimage our current server and be back up and working, and able to image any of our devices with minimal interruption.

  • Developer

    You technically could but why would you want to eat up server space to keep your “server” back up on it? We already have SSH servers I merely utilized what was already there, but in theory yes, you can use fog, to image fog servers 🙂

  • So you’d have a separate linux box running clonezilla, and have that has your “oh shit” box.

    Got it. But why not use another fog server?

  • Developer

    Personally, I would use a separate SSH box and clonezilla. I have used this method to set up a replacement server when I have caused problems on a working environment server.