SOLVED Couple issues with mass imaging

  • 1st issue I had was when I tried to force a machine to image. The computer would change the message on the screen to say something like it was waiting for the storage node, I will get the exact message tomorrow. Once the computer reaches its place in line it images like normal.

    2nd issue is that it no longer is telling me where the computer is in line when it’s waiting to image. Usually it would say there are 0 pcs in front of me but sometimes it would give a number. I should be doing some more big groups tomorrow. So I’ll try to see I can make some sense out of it.

  • Thanks for reporting.

    I’ve fixed the isForced issue in 2102, but I don’t know if that will fix the slot numbering.

  • Opps sorry. This is on FOG 1.2.0 and ubuntu 14.04