FOG menu only coming up on HP dx2450

  • I can only seem to get FOG to work on HP dx2450 computers.
    Any other computer starts undionly.kpxe and then just says “press any key to reboot” (HP5150’s), or just reboots(HP pro 3500)

    Any help with where to start looking for the fix would be great. I would love to get this up and running

  • On my server I only have PXE boot menu. I had it set to grub. I tried the other options with no help

    As for our computers, most of our older ones are dx2450’s, the 3500’s are the newest (this year), the 5150’s are a few years old and then we do have a mix of other PCs but those 3 are they main ones used for work stations

    Oh and I’m running version 1.1.2 on a Ubuntu computer and it just happens it is one of the older dx2450’s that that could be anything

  • I had the “press any key to reboot” problem for some of my machines. It turned out to be the exit style for the FOG menu. Go into the FOG configuration under PCE boot menu and there are three options. Grub seems to work for my machines. The default option didn’t work for any of them and the second option worked for about half.

  • Not sure I fully understand the issue.

    The dx2450’s work, but nothing else? Do you only have three models of computers?