• Ok, lets see if I can explain this properly. I am using the following

    Ubuntu 12.04
    Fog 0.32
    Kernal 3.13.4

    I have several Images in the server already such as
    Optiplex7010 w/ wifi
    Ltitude E6440

    and so on…

    Recently I sysprepped my 7010 which worked out great. The answer file has it so after the computer boots it goes right to the user log-in and then registers to KMS for licensing purposes after they log-in. However when I try to image an Optiplex790 It does not work. The Host gets registered then the computer boots says it will image but is now stuck on a bootloop. I looked closely as I tried imaging again and I get this error

    “Can’t unmount NTFS: invalid argument”

    Did it again and same thing on another Optiplex790. Turns out for some reason the hard drives not only became unmounted but also had multiple partitions all of a sudden ( even though I only use 1 partition) and it went from NTFS to RAW. Looked up the error but most answers pointed to bad image yet any Optiplex7010 will image without an issue. Any ideas?

  • When you created your image, did you create it as a single disk resizable or a Multipartition image?

    It sounds, to me, like you created a multipartition image and the mbr file is overwriting your disk. The partitions being generated on the new 790 system are telling me this?

    Why you ask?

    Because in 0.32 and even all the way thru 1.2.0, Windows 7 resizable would create one of two possible partitions on the disk, it never would have created a 3rd partition.

    The first partition (if rec.img.000 exists) would be: 100MB starting at sector 2048 and ending at sector 208647.

    The second partition (if both rec.img.000 and sys.img.000 exists) would be starting at sector 208648 until the end of the disk. There would never have been three partitions generated on the disk.

    My guess, your 790 hard drive size is smaller than the 7010 hard drive size, and it’s because of this that you’re seeing the problems you are.

  • [quote=“Luis C, post: 33879, member: 22173”]Thank you for the feedback!

    I will try this out on Friday and let you know what happens![/quote]

    Ok, Update time!! Tried as suggested and same issue happens again, I tried the format through debug mode as suggested but i get an error " warning rereading partition table failed, kernal still using old table"

    so I used some software to change partitions around. Did a full format double pass merged partitions as well so it can be a single one.

    Tried to pass the image over and same thing again. The desktop communicates with the FOG server, says it is all registered then reboots, then says it is ready to image but then reboots instead of going to progress screen. I now have 3 partitions again!

    I already have individual images for each system but it would be cool if I can figure out how to have a single one.

  • Thank you for the feedback!

    I will try this out on Friday and let you know what happens!

  • Developer

    Try this:


    Delete those old partitions, start with a good fresh one and try to image, what happens?