• I have a win 7 sysprepped image that deploys to various machines with no particular problems.

    However when I try to image a machine with the sysprepped image installed (hoping to avoid the long install and reboot cycle that normally ensues), it goes on to a machine (very closely matched in hardware) ok, but then
    prompts for an Administrator login and then immedialy asks for confirmation to go ahead and reboot. Once that boot finishes the machine gets to a login screen which only allows Administrator (local machine) to login. However, in this state it will not respond to pings or remote desktop requests. Once you login on the console though it reboots. Finally it seems to be happy with Active Directory and I can login as a domain user and all is well.

    I’m really trying to get the process to work unattended as we have a bunch of headless machines that we’d like to be able to automatically image and this need to login three times is painful.

    Any hints?

  • My thought would be that because the hardware is not exactly the same the image would push fine but the NIC drivers are not exactly the same so when you do login as administrator then Windows updates the new driver (which i would assume at this point it has it built it) and upon reboot it now has networking capabitlity…
    Thats just my thought 🙂