User Login Hist

  • I would like to automate the user log in history

    looking at the url when manually viewing a user

    HOSTID = 0 i assume this means all hosts the user has logged into?
    USERID is the user i am review
    = must be the date range but i am not sure how to set it to all dates ?

    IP ADDRESS /fog/management/index.php?node=report&sub=user-track-disp&hostID=0&userID=test12323544325=

    is there a way to do this? and save the PDF to a folder? i could then set up a script to name the files from id’s to user names then have it email

    it would be great if you could do this on all workstations within a group


  • Senior Developer

    I don’t understand what you’re wanting.

    You want to get an automated report of the user tracker, using FOG’s Report system?

    The URL you’ve got get’s the all systems the userid has logged in. The userid is base64 encoded to help you out. but the “rest” of the url is actually from when you click on the PDF or CSV Icon’s. It parses the displayed information to give you the PDF or CSV file.

    The host=0 does not mean all hosts the user has logged into, it’s just a “place” holder though when you do choose.

    You’ll likely have better luck if you generate your own report to obtain the information you need. For example, being able to specify a group. How to export autonomously is a little more “technical” than I can think of, but a simple means, I think, would be to simply have the needed parts of the report (the table start and information within) generate on it’s own page. THen you could script htmldoc to read that page to generate the PDF.

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