Installed FOG, couldn't find fog boot files (pxelinux.0, memtest, other boot options). Reinstall?

  • So, I’ve been trying to set up a fog server for a couple days now, and I hit a wall. I installed Ubuntu server 10.04.4 x64 and downloaded/installed the latest version of fog. I got it all installed, the pxe would connect and everything would run right… except that the files to pxe boot were missing from /tftproot/. The pxelinux.cfg folder and everything that should go in there is not. There is no memtest or other boot “things” (is modules the word?). Right now I’m wiping that and installing Ubuntu server 12.04.4 then plan on reinstalling FOG. Is there something I missed? Some symlink or something I’m supposed to make? Should I be using 12.04.4 or 14.04 or something else? What version of FOG should I use?

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  • Ummm… I’m reinstalling now. Just read the instructions. I’ll go shame myself in a corner now. Unless if it still doesn’t work. Then I’ll come back and ask more questions.

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    what you missed is that fog no longer uses any of those files in the latest version.
    did you read the instructions that came up in the installer?