Segmentation fault error when cloning Dell Optiplex 790

  • Hello,

    we get a segmentation fault error when cloning a 3 partition Dell Optiplex 790 with Windows 7 (single drive - multiple partitions). The segmentation fault occurs when uploading the small (2nd) partition that Windows 7 creates before the main (3rd) partition.

    The first partition is the partition with system tools. This is the first dell series that causes the trouble. It happens also on the Dell T1600 Workstation which has the same Mainboard. The 3 partition disk layout is more or less the same on Optiplex 780 and E6420.

    When downloading the created image the second partition is not found autmatically (there is some part of the file on the harddrive) although the file is there and can be manually pointed to - however the second partition is corrupted (some part of the file ist missing). It can be deleted and the bootloader can be changed to start directly from the third partition.

    I guess it is a bug in the program that copies the images to the network. How can this be fixed/troubleshooted? Has anybody seen this before?

    Best regards,
    Bernd Feist

  • Sure. Just look in the wiki under [URL=‘’]Troubleshooting.[/URL]

  • Hello,

    this worked well for optiplex 780 and still works for Latitude e6420 notebooks. So the problem is either the programm that creates the images (parted?) or the hardware change (mainboard and/or harddrive). Is there a sequence of commands or script which I can start manually on the client in debug mode to see what’s going on?

    Best regards,
    Bernd Feist

  • Hi Bernd. Cloning OEM harddrives with customized recovery partitions is not supported in FOG. There was a spirited thread describing this on the SourceForge forums but looks like they’re wiped.
    Wipe your drive, install Win 7 from scratch (don’t allocate any partitions - allow the Setup program to do it,) and clone that.