• Fresh install of 1.1.2, installed on CentOS 6.5, running under VMware Player 6

    I uploaded an image to FOG (the Scheduler log says successfully) and am trying to deploy the image to an identical computer. The images is a Single Disk image. When I try to create the task in the Fog WebUI, I get the following error message:
    [QUOTE]Download task failed to create for PC1 with image A
    To setup download task, you must first upload an image[/QUOTE]

    OK, so I tried this on a different computer - same result.

    Tried to manually pull an image from the PXE menu. The error message on both computers is only “An error has been detected.”

    Then I followed the instructions in: [QUOTE][url=“http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Troubleshooting_an_image_push_to_a_client”]www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Troubleshooting_an_image_push_to_a_client[/url][/QUOTE]
    That is, I booted both clients in debug mode and tried to apply the image manually. I get all the way to the partimage restore, and partimage immediately aborts the operation with no error, just “Aborted”. That happens with both the command-line and gui versions of partimage.

    So, I tried to do partimage imginfo. Same “Aborted”.

    At this point, you’re no doubt thinking that there’s a problem with the image. I had the same thought, so I uploaded another image (this time a Multiple Partition Image - Single Disk, just to change things up) from still another computer (this is the 3rd computer, but it’s DIFFERENT hardware). All the same problems in all same places.

    So, I CAN PXE boot, connect to the server, upload images, and see the image files. I just can’t deploy the images.

    Thanks in advance,

  • No idea ?

  • hi,

    No more evolutions.
    When i need to deploy an win7 image, i use the Task Management, List All Hosts (or Groups), click on “Download” on the client computer …

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    What’s the up!?

  • up ! :eek:

  • Hm, it’s not work at 100% … it’s strange …
    Explications :

    • Upload an win7 image on the NAS : OK (after to move the files …/dev/@Mac to …/<image name>)
    • Download task :
      -> if i choose the menu : Host Management, <host name>, Basic Taks, Download : “Download task failed to create for …”
      -> IF i choose the menu : Task Management, List All Hosts (or Groups), click on “Download” on the client computer : the task is created … and the deploy works perfectly !

    It’s not a major problem because, now, i can use my NAS with FOG with this trick but i don’t understand what’s happen …

  • [quote=“Tom Elliott, post: 36293, member: 7271”]
    In the NAS’s eye’s, when FTP connects, /mnt/ doesn’t even exist. And seeing as /mnt/array1/images is being called, nothing can actually happen.

    How to fix? I haven’t yet figured out a nice method. You would probably have more luck if you looked up the NAS’s FTP functions to find out how to keep FTP from jailing you to a specified Home folder. NFS works perfectly, but FTP fails miserably. I don’t know how else to explain it.[/quote]
    I found an other good solution without use unfs3 (very slow) and no use /etc/fstab of FOG.
    Just modify the FOG Home Folder on NAS … like you said. On the NAS (you [U]need[/U] ssh access), edit the /etc/passwd … :

    nobody❌99:99:Linux User,:/home:/bin/sh



    On FOG Storage Management :

    IP Adress : NAS IP

    Path : mnt/array1/images

    Done !

    [U]Edit[/U] : i’m not sur if it’s really works. Test is in progress … caution !

    [U]Edit2[/U] : it’s finally works with the /etc/passwd modification.
    Steps :

    • SSH access on the NAS
    • modify the /etc/passwd for the fog user on the NASif it’s needed
    • declare the NAS on the storage management
    • run an upload Win7 task
    • run an download Win7 task
    • be happy :]

  • Many thanks for your help Tom.
    Now, i have understood many things about FOG server and NAS …

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    It, currently, on checks for Windows 7 and Windows 8, yes.

  • Edit : another incomprehension : with NAS declared on FOG Interface, download task works with Windows XP, Linux but not with Seven.
    [U]The FTP check is only[/U] with Windows 7 when a download task is programed ?

  • The download task finally works with Windows7 and Optiplex7010 !
    I’m very happy. i’m testing with an other hadware model : HP2530p.

    But, can you explain me why i always need to move the files …/dev/@Mac to …/<image name> ? It’s the same FTP problem ? In this time, i mount the NAS with /etc/fstab … The FTP user of NAS is required with this method ?

  • Hi !
    A first feedback :
    Upload an Windows 7 image : it’s works with unfs3 but …

    • it’s very very slow : average rate : 70 Mb / min ! 5 hours for an upload ! (size : ~24Gb)
    • i need to move the image into …/dev/@mac to …/images_FOG by FTP and i dont understand why this time.

    Download : work in progress. The task is in progress ! Average rate : 1Gb / min.

  • I’m trying unfs3.
    Upload an windows 7 image in progress !!
    I will post results after an upload / download with different OS (7, XP, Linux).

    [U]Edit[/U] : rate : 75Mb/min … outch !

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    You’re correct, you cannot nfs share an nfs shared folder. Not properly at least.

    The way I’ve gotten around this in the past is with glusterfs on the “shared” part, and glusterfs mounting that share. Then NFS worked okay.

    I haven’t played with unfs3, but I think the unfs3 would work for your situation, though I don’t know exactly how to share it.

  • hi.
    I think, it’s a nfs share issue … FOG can’t export an NFS share …
    With Clonezilla DRBL, there was a similar problem. The solution is unfs3.
    Does FOG support unfs3 shares ?

  • I’m back with bad news …
    i have try to mount the NAS directly on the FOG server by /etc/fstab.
    [U]/etc/fstab[/U] :
    [CODE]10.44.x.xxx:/mnt/array1/images /mnt/images_NAS nfs auto,rw,dev,exec,nfsvers=3 0 0[/CODE]

    [U]ls -la on FOG server /mnt[/U] :
    [CODE]drwxrwxrwx 3 1002 root 32 oct. 9 2018 images_NAS : 1002 = fog user on NAS[/CODE]

    it’s the same rights for .mntcheck, …/dev and …/dev/.mntcheck

    [U]ls -la /mnt/array1 on the NAS[/U]:
    [CODE]drwxrwxrwx 3 fog root 32 Oct 9 23:48 images[/CODE]

    Exactly the same rights for the subfolders and the .mntcheck files

    With fog user on FOG server, i [I]can[/I] “touch test” on /mnt/images_NAS and /mnt/images_NAS/dev.

    When i try an upload task, i have this message :
    [CODE]mounting 10.44.x.xxx:/mnt/images_NAS/dev on /images failed : Permission denied[/CODE]

    I know this message said but i dont’ understand why it appears because, i think, the rights on FOG server AND on the NAS are good … (fog:root -R, chmod 777 …)

  • I have an other idea : mount the NAS by /etc/fstab directly on the server (on /images_NAS for example).
    After that, maybe it’s will be good …

  • [quote=“Tom Elliott, post: 36306, member: 7271”]I think the symbolic link would work best. On the nas, symbolic link /mnt/array1 to /array1 just for fun?[/quote]
    This symbolic link not work. I’m trying some others !

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    I think the symbolic link would work best. On the nas, symbolic link /mnt/array1 to /array1 just for fun?

  • Yes … now i understand. FTP is only used to check if the image path exist … but for upload and download, NFS is used.
    Maybe, we can bypass the FTP check … or create a symbolic link on the NAS … i will try some ideas and post my results her.