• Hey guys,

    Not sure if this has been brought up / discussed here before. I think it could be useful for FOG to have an API service so we can fully automate simple FOG tasks like deploying/uploading images, instead of requiring a cron job or using the web UI.


  • Just wanted to reply here to let people know that we do have an api now. I know this thread is extremely old, but figured all might like to know this.

  • I’d love to see an API as well; as part of our software build procedure we image systems for automated testing. Currently we’re using Ghost but are exploring FOG as a promising alternative. I’ll also look into the pyFog project as a potential solution, but an API would be great.

  • I understand it’s a bit of a tall order, I just wanted to see if there was any interest in something like this within the FOG community, or if it is planned for the future at all. I did not know about the pyFog project before, but it looks like it may suit my needs for now. Thanks!

  • While I understand that this would be nice, it’s not very easy. That said, you may want to look at this project:


  • I am hoping to use FOG as part of a project that I support, which requires machines to be imaged on a frequent, but not regular basis. Originally I was getting by with just scheduled tasks. But this was creating issues because occasionally the scheduled task would not kick off in time for when I would need to deploy a new image and I would need to do it manually.

    Ideally, this service would function similarly to the REST API that the Cuckoo Sandbox uses ([url]http://docs.cuckoosandbox.org/en/latest/usage/api/[/url]). But really, all I need is a way to simply (through GET/POST requests) interface with FOG to do remote tasks. For example, [url]http://fog.local/api/deploy/fog_host_1[/url], which would submit a task to FOG, that would deploy the default image for “fog_host_1”. The only functions I need to be able to do is return a list of All Hosts, Deploy to a specific host, and upload from a specific host.

  • Developer

    so far as i am aware, the only existing plugins are the official fog plugins. it is our hope to get things to the point where people can easily create and share plugins for fog to extend the functionality and optimize it for different environments. can you provide more details as to how, specifically, you would like to do the remote task functions and what kinds of functions you need to be able to do?

  • Specifically, I’d like to be able to start/stop tasks from a remote machine, via a script, without needing to go through the web UI. I guess I’m not sure if there are any plugins that would support this kind of functionality currently.

  • Developer

    I would like to know what capacities you are wanting to tap into or add. are you aware of the plugin system that is implemented and growing with each version?

  • I also would really like to see an API service included with FOG. What are everyone’s thoughts regarding this? And in particular, the developers’ opinions?