FOG possible causing network to go down

  • I’ve been using FOG at my callcenter for the past couple of months, and haven’t ran into an issue with network traffic. Recently every time we image a machine the rest of the computers on the network lose connectivity. Any idea why this would happen?

  • Alright thanks we will check it out.

  • Wireshark is a pretty standard tool to monitor network traffic (to the point where it can be difficult to figure out everything that is going on) But, if you can port mirror your switch it would be real easy to figure out what FOG is doing on the network. But for a simple test, start a multicast session and monitor a random port on the switch and see if the same data is going to that port if it shouldn’t be. That would be a good place to start.

  • We are not imaging through VPN, but we have 2 switches both of which are 100 meg. The switches don’t appear to be faulty. The PC’s image anywhere from 500 MB/min to 1 GB/min which is the speed they always have. The weird thing is there is no broadcast traffic at all so I’m trying to figure how to monitor what is happening to the network.

  • Are you on a VPN? I’ve found that imaging through a VPN will suck the bandwidth dry. Also are you using a gig switch or 100meg? Is the switch faulty? Do you notice any weird speeds on the PC that you are imaging when you image it?

  • No just unicast. Follow up question: Do you have any tips for resolving a bottleneck? Because other system issues that we’ve had kind of point to that too.

  • Sounds like there is a network bottleneck somewhere causing you problems. Are you trying to do a multicast session across the network?