Fog 1.1.0 - Intel driver issues - Dell OptiPlex 755

  • Hi Guys,

    I thought I would start a new post as not to derail the other forum post.

    I have found with using the Latest Kernel from FOG with trying to run re imaging/compatibility mode I am finding that the Kernel is not loading the network card correctly.

    I ran through compiling my own kernel with using the fog .config file and following the wiki and have isolated (I believe) to the e1000e driver. None of the other modules will load any drivers for the network card only the e1000e.
    After loading with the latest kernel and the e1000e driver I get the following display:


    The last known good version I have working on this with my older fog installation is 2.6.33FOG_KS
    I’m guessing it isn’t possible to try load this older kernel just for our older PC fleet?

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can try?

    Compile in the old version of the e1000e driver in just for the Dell OptiPlex 755s ? ( I did try the driver from a 2.6 kernel and this failed as I assume it is completely different from the version 3.14.5)

    I’m guessing that the drivers have to be built in and can’t be modules that I can insert?

    The Dell 755 is listed as a Q35 Express chip and the network adapter is listed as Intel 82566DM-2 in windows.
    I’m happy trying to re-compile my own kernel versions which I have been doing most of Friday afternoon but cannot work out what to try next.


  • Just tested the Tom Elliott 3.0.1 64bit image.
    Yep works fine on the Dell 755’s now. I’ll test on the other models shortly and let you all know how it goes.


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    Kernel.TomElliott.3.0.1 64 bit is up on the kernel page.

    If you want command line it should be:
    [code]mv /var/www/fog/service/ipxe/bzImage /var/www/fog/service/ipxe/bzImage_20140611
    wget -O /var/www/fog/service/ipxe/bzImage[/code]

  • Just FYI, I tested the 3.10.1 kernel on the Dell 755.
    Same issue.

  • Hmm strange, I wonder if there is a difference between the 780s?
    All the Kernels that I tried from Official Kernels and Tom Elliott’s in the forum all had the same error on the OptiPlex 780s.
    Changing the Timing Frequency to 1000hz fixed other issues as well.
    Granted most of my testing was on the Dell OptiPlex 755s as we have quite a few hundred of those and only a hand full of Dell OptiPlex 780s

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    fyi, i just used the 3.15 kernel on a Optiplex 780 to help test, and it worked perfectly

  • Ok, Just decided to use version 3.0.1 Kernel ([url][/url])
    Downloaded the linux-fimware into the kernel folder.
    Compiled it as x86_64 with the Tom Elliott 64bit .config

    Everything seems to work! (from what I can tell)
    Not sure what the difference with the network drivers are, Obviously the latest kernel would be the best solution but this seems to work for now. I’m still happy to test any kernels on these problem models.
    A debug init.xz might be handy?


  • I tried setting the MSI to legacy mode in the intel drivers.
    That didn’t seem to help either. Same result.

    Just a thought. Is there a debug init.xz that will allow me shell access to look at any errors and logs at all?
    I remember I used one awhile ago with an old FOG version.

  • As a temp work around I tried to recompile the old fog kitchensink as 64bit and 32bit to see if that worked.
    The kernel compiles okay but it kernel panics on init.xz.
    I’m guessing it has to do with the new compression of the init being init.xz and it can’t decompress it when it tries to load.

    EDIT: Got the old 2.6.39 one working with kitchen sink, not everything works. the SATA drivers don’t seem to work so I can’t see the HDD, DMI doesn’t show any fields either as well as errors about files not being found but the Network worked, and it mentioned when it was loading that it had to fall back to MSI legacy interrupts.
    I will test the 3.15.0 kernel but change some driver options to the e1000e driver to see if any of that helps.

  • Same issue again.

  • Yep same issue, redownloading now.

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    If that one doesn’t work, try just redownload and test please, I’ve made another mod based on the patch and hopefully will get somewhere.

  • testing now.

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    I’m doing a test based on [url][/url]

    Hopefully this may work. Maybe not setting the values at all (commenting them out) will work?

    [url][/url] (ready to try out if you are)

  • I can test them both on the other OptiPlex 760 and OptiPlex 780, but I am suspecting it is the same issue with the E1000E driver.
    I can’t really find much on Google about this issue either.

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  • Just tested both on the Dell OptiPlex 755

    The bzImageE1000 didn’t load any network at all and didn’t report any errors and shows the network ip/mac as blank.
    The bzImageE1000E reported the usual Reply not for us, op[2] etc. and then showed the network/mac as blank again

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  • ok, I’ll download that now to bzImage
    I’m suspecting both versions are the 64bit one?

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    Okay, kernels are ready for download/test if you’re up to it.

    [url][/url] <- intel E1000 not intel E1000E (my bet is on this one)

    [url][/url] <- intel E1000E not intel E1000

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