Unable to register host for the following reasons

  • Sorry to be so bothersome

    FOG 1.0.1 on Ubuntu 14.04 with latest kernels

    I am trying to image my first department, and the computer I am using will not image. The boot menu loads fine, but then I get the following message:

    [CODE]esas2r: driver will not be loaded because no ATTO esas2r devices were found
    i2c-parport-light: adapter type unspecified
    DHCP/BOOTP: Reply not for us[/CODE]

    Then after some time, it skips all the FOG info and says
    “Unable to register host for the following reasons”
    And lists off all the specs of the computer. I have installed the new kernels from the FOG management page, but that didn’t help.

    Please help!

  • I have reinstalled FOG, but to no avail. And this started yesterday, so I think it might be somewhere in FOG or Ubuntu

  • Developer

    if you want to re-install and if you feel more comfortable with ubuntu, 12 and 13 work fine.
    that said, those who have had this problem in the past have said that the problem either went away on it’s on, leading me to believe it was a network issue, or it went away after performing a reinstall/upgrade in place.

  • Would it be best to install Debian instead? I don’t want to, but I’ve heard Ubuntu 14 is kind of rubbish.