• Developer

    Wen adding computers to a group is is a little painstaking. If there was a way to check mark all the machines wanted to include onto the group and click add to group.

    Make Add to Group look like Host management. For Example:



  • Developer

    True this has been added to host management. My mind just goes to Group Management when I want to add hosts to a group. However, [B]this does perfectly work fine in Host management.[/B] If you keep it the way it is then the user will just have to realize to go to Host Management for adding multiple machines to a group. Then to delete multiples from a group go to the Group Management.

  • I guess I’m confused by this request.

    I added the ability to add multiple hosts to a group within the Group Management Page. Even better, as the hosts are added, they’re removed from the listing of which to add hosts.

    Are you asking me to try having it how the Host Management Page displays them? Because then we’re just re-creating something that already works.

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    Unfortunately that is part of our naming scheme. “RASD” is the building. So about 700 units will be started with this. I’ll play around with some php to see what i can wipe up.

  • Developer

    probably the easiest way to add hosts to groups is to search for the hosts and add them to groups from the hosts management page
    for example, all of those computers would come up in a search for “RASD”