Not sure if this is an issue or my incompetence

  • What I would ideally like to be able to do is swap out a hdd and then image a host. This new hdd may or may not have the same capacity of the originally imaged drive, but still more than enough for the base install. The originally imaged drive was uploaded with the ‘multiple partitions, single disk’ option. Whenever I go to download the image to the host, the job completes rather quickly (basically only restores the mbr). I’ve tried nuking the hdd and putting an NTFS partition on it, but it does the same thing. The bios is set to legacy mode with secure boot off.

    Anyone else having this problem? Thanks for any help you guys.

  • If this new drive is smaller than the original drive, the only way you’ll be able to image it is if you re-upload the image as Single Disk Resizable.