• Hi, i want to image my Linux Mint 12 computer. However i uses ext4 by default. I have tried to image a computer with 1 partiton ext3 mount point / and a swap partiton. However i cannot get it to work. How have you set up your linux machines?

  • there are a few notes i have taken, using the partimage program in Fog 0.32

    The image must be ext2 or ext3
    You can’t use extended partitions, only Logical
    swap got nothing special notes

    but all partitions my come after each other, and not skip blocks between them, or else the hdd fails to restore proberly.

    took some tries as i used some extended partitions first, they seem to not work at all in partimage.

    i heard of some people trying to replace partimage with other tools, (but never tryed it myself), for better linux support, but as normal beings, i guess we just have to wait for fog 0.33