• Can anyone direct me to a " Snap-in’s from start to finish" site or document… Would like to create them but have found very little info on how to do so… also taking into consideration that i am not the brightest spark. so need a little direction an help…

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  • Sure - although I realised after I gave them to the last guy in this thread that the snapin might need some customization for your environment. When the shutdown or reboot starts, an on-screen message pops-up that says “Your computer is being restarted remotely by <my organisation’s IT support>. You have thirty seconds to save your work.”
    lete me know your email address if you want andI can get in touch.

  • Hey, I don’t suppose you could upload those snapins could you?


  • Sure that would be great… My email address is [email]brucem@aie.edu.au[/email]…

  • Ok - no worries - so for these two snapins I’m basically using simple shutdown.exe batch files, with parameters, that I have packed-up along with an executable called HideC.exe which hides the command line window so they run silently. The package is an executable created with SFX Maker. I can send you the executables if you like, and also the batch file command lines. I can’t see how to do a private message on this forum though - would it be easier if I email these to you?

  • Hi there Al@akuni, Yes i am still looking for the Shutdown and reboot Snapins. If you could send them to me i would be very greatful…

  • @Bruce if youre still looking or these answers, I have a force shutdown snapin, and a force reboot snapin I can send you the details if you like.

  • @Bruce
    I do not think you will be able to do what you are thinking with the Snap-Ins. From what I gather it’s not like an “automated task” but more so an app deployment tool that is easier than using say AD to push software/settings etc… The way I’ve used it is get “WinInstall LE” which basically takes a snapshot of your computer and then says “go”. You then do whatever you want to the PC (like install an application) and then tell it “I’m Done”. It then takes another snapshot of your disk and records the changes; like a new directory with files in it and registry keys etc. Then it takes all of those changes and packages them together in one file; your snap-in.

    Then you just push that and it puts all those changes on whatever computer you have told it to be on.

    The reason why I say it’s not like a tool where you can do administrative things (like say run tools and some things) is that you don’t feed it “live information”. We have basically kept it to one program and/or setting change per snap-in so we don’t get confused or try to do too much and have to change too much when something is updated etc.

  • Hi thanks for the reply. Yes, all lines updated and the server reboots. Something appears to be causing a timeout during the upload.

  • You updated all 3 lines of the apache config correct? Did you then restart the service / reboot the server after you saved the changes?

  • I have updated the snapin size as per the online documents to 1900M. If I attempt to upload a large snapin ie Office 2010 it timeouts in IE and firefox whilst uploading. I can see network traffic for a few minutes and then suddenly there is no traffice and the web browser accessing the fog snapins just sits there. Any suggestions?

  • I don’t know the answer to your question using fog, but I would recommend looking in to Lan school [URL=‘http://www.lanschool.com/’]http://www.lanschool.com/. [/URL]
    It is designed to monitor computer in a class room lab, you can watch screens, blank screen freeze there mouse and keyboard, ect… but I have found it super useful for computer maintenance because you can also power on computer, restart them and shutdown computers, start programs/scrips, send and receive files and log in/log off using what ever user you want. You can also remote control all the computers at once, that is always fun.

    I am not sure what it is on pricing.

  • There are a few things i would like to do with it but nto sure if it is possible… So a snap in is basically a automated / silent install. Basically every now and then i would like to force PC to switch on and login with a specified username and password so that i can start doing some maintenance on them. The i woud also like to create a snapin to shutdown the pc’s. Is any of this possible using snapins ?

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  • Bruce there are lots of resources out there for creating snapins (more commonly known as unattended or “silent” installations of software.

    One really helpful site I’ve found is appdeploy - [url]http://www.appdeploy.com/index.asp[/url] Check out their KB articles or search for the software package you are wanting to deploy and create a snapin for.

    If you want we can help you with this process if the software in question is fairly commonplace (adobe / microsoft office / etc.). Can you please fill us in on what software you are wanting to use as snapins?