Help! Fog uploads image as Raw

  • MY SYSTEM: I am attempting to use fog 0.32 to upload and deploy images of a HP Z230 workstation with a 500 GB hdd. I am using the Tom Elliot Kernel 3.14 and Ubuntu 13.10. I have set the BIOS storage device to ACHI, both RAID and IDE are other options.

    MY SITUATION: I am successful at uploading and deploying an image using fog, however fog reports the file system as RAW. So it images a 465 GB partition at 3.20 GB a minute! That is not good, it takes almost 2 hours to complete the upload and deployment.

    MY QUESTIONS: Can anyone tell me why my image is continuously uploading as RAW even though that is not the case? Can this be fix? If so, how? My image file is no more than 20GB so if I can just get that to upload, then using fog will be super beneficial.

    I am still a relatively new user, however, I do have the time and effort to put into learning this system. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • Sometimes, OEM images have special partitions where they store recovery images and OEM tools. Maybe Fog was seeing that partition as RAW…

  • [quote=“oldman63, post: 29599, member: 24442”]I’m experiencing the same issue here with HP Desktops and Laptops…Only difference is Fog 1.0.1…[/quote]

    I deleted all partitions and formatted the drive. Adjusted BIOS to only allow Legacy boot. Then did a clean install of Windows 7 32 bit and now Fog sees the correct partitions and file system. So I am guessing it was because I was trying to upload a OEM image or the UEFI boot settings.

  • I’m experiencing the same issue here with HP Desktops and Laptops…Only difference is Fog 1.0.1…

  • I am doing a Windows 7 image and the disk type is set as multiple partition-single disk (not resizable).

    I am attempting the process again. I have done a defrag and will be running chkdsk /f today. Tomorrow I will attempt the upload and deploy the image again.

  • Developer

    What image type and disk type did you choose on the image store?

    I would try MultiPartition single disk, or Multipartition All Disk.

    if you have made any changes to the partitions it wouldn’t hurt to chkdisk /f them